14th Carnival of Feminist Sci-Fi and Fantasy

Just a quick note here since the deadline’s coming soon:

Heroine Content (www.heroinecontent.net) is hosting the 14th Feminist SF Carnival, which will be published on May 30th. The deadline for submissions is May 27th! Please submit via email to skyekilaen@gmail.com. We’re looking for posts, web comics, and art with a feminist perspective on science fiction and fantasy. This can include TV, Movies, Books, Comics, Games, etc. For more information, see the Guidelines at http://carnival.feministsf.net/?cat=3

(There must also be a submission form on blogcarnival.com, but I haven’t been able to get that site to load in over a week… ?) [Note from BetaCandy: I think it’s available again here]

Also check out the new The People of Colour SF Carnival (http://ofcolour.blogspot.com/). The first edition is scheduled for June 15th,
see their site for more details.


-Skye and Grace
Heroine Content


  1. says

    Yeah, that’s cut off for me, too, as is some of the title of the carnival. I like that it gives links to the last carnival and the call for submissions for the upcoming, though – that’s handy.

  2. Jennifer Kesler says

    I just installed that. Yes, it’s cut off for me, too. I tried break code and div tags… oh, wait. The code has a height setting… yep, that did it. Weird.

    This has been another episode of Stream of Consciousness Webmastering, with your host BetaCandy.

  3. MaggieCat says

    Hmm, it would probably help if I actually wrote about sci-fi and fantasy occasionally, rather than just reading and watching it obsessively.

    The sidebar is neat, but is it getting cut off just a teeny bit at the bottom for anyone else? Right under the words ‘carnival home’ I can see the tops of the letters from a line under it..

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