20 on the 2..3rd????

EGADS! 20 on the 20th is stuck in the pipeline til Monday March 23rd. SADFACE. Here’s a quick teaser for what’s coming up!

Pat Cadigan:

Why doesn’t anybody ever ask some young guy how he juggles fatherhood with a writing career? I’m dying to hear that answer.

The OTHER Maria:

Heh, isn’t that what The Shining‘s about? That didn’t end very well for Jack. 😛


Actually, Jack was trying to juggle a drinking problem with fatherhood and a writing career. That seldom ends well. 😉

As a bookworm, I now feel challenged to think of a novel about a young male writer juggling fatherhood and his career. The one dude in Life Isn’t All Ha Ha Hee Hee might fit the bill, but he was incredibly bitter about his wife not being femme. Hathor readers, if you can think of a novel featuring a male writer struggling with acting as a primary care provider to a young child, who is NOT bitter about his wife/partner being more active in the child’s life, reply here. I clearly need some book recs!


  1. emile says

    Well, it’s not a writing career and the character isn’t that young, but Kim Stanley Robinson’s recent “40 Signs of Rain”, “50 Degrees Below” and “60 Days and Counting” has a male protagonist who is the primary caregiver for his young kid. The books spend quite a bit of time on the struggles of juggling his job as a political aid/adviser and fatherhood.

  2. emile says

    Oh, like most of us, doing the best he can I suppose. I generally like the picture we get of their interactions. They spend lots of time out and about together. I would recommend the series if you like KSR’s other stuff. Lots of the same themes in a more mainstream near future/less sci-fi sort of setting.

    Oh yeah, in “The Cobweb” by Neal Stephenson and his uncle (originally released under the name Stephen Bury) the protagonist has a baby and his wife ships out to the first gulf war so he is the primary caregive for much of the book. Can’t really remember to many details about his interactions with the baby; gotta read it again.

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