Boston Legal #1

From now on, I’m going to refer to my Boston Legal posts as Boston Legal #1, Boston Legal #2 etc, because I suspect I’ll write a semi-weekly series so I can’t be bothered coming up with a new title every week.

This show is just amazing in terms of its male-female dynamics. Sometimes, the men get ahead. Most of the time, the women seem to. In this episode, Breast in Show, Alan, the Lead Male, stumped for what to do regarding a woman who bared her breasts as part of a political protest, turns to one of the named partners, Shirley Crane. Shirley goes on to deliver a brilliant closing that wins them the case. Women, 1: men, 0.

Then we get a junior associate, Garret, who’s gone to his office to find the take-no-prisoners sandwich lady, Catherine, has commandeered his office. When Garret protests, Catherine says something like “˜here’s the food chain; the guys with their name on the door, the senior partners, the junior partners, the senior associates, the sandwich lady, the janitor, the cleaner, and THEN the junior associate.’ Garret scurries out of his office, having been gotten the better of by a woman.

Later, her gets told by a senior partner it’s an embarrassment for a lawyer, however junior, to be gotten the better of my the sandwich lady. So he scurries back to rattle of his achievements. Catherine looks unimpressed, and informs Garret that she killed a man (which she did; knocked him over the head with a skillet.) Garret scurries off again. In the end, Catherine agrees to “˜share’ the office; since she’s out of it four hours a day serving sandwiches, he can “˜have’ “˜his’ office those hours.

I loved it! Elderly lady gets the better of young, educated lawyer. Women 2: Men: 0

Meanwhile, associate Denise Bauer is dating a guy who is terminally ill. He’s clutching at straws regarding his treatment, and at one point, she decides it’s the last straw, and walks away. Bravo! A woman who decides her sanity is worth more then her love. Women 3: Men: 0.

This show, dare I say, shows women who give as good as they get – and expect as good as they give.

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