A 2012 definition of feminism

Some of you who have dismissed feminism as some man-hating “feminazi” agenda may have recently come to realize that damn, there are some men out there who would like to set back women’s rights. Maybe feminism isn’t so past its expiration date after all. If so, you may be searching for a modern definition of what feminism is. You may be wondering, is it really about hating on housewives, persecuting all men or whining about not having everything we want? Or is it something more nuanced?

Or even something more relevant than, say, the Republican party?

For you, I have created a very concise definition: “Feminists are people who knew about men like Todd Akin before you did.”


  1. Alison says

    I know i could be a better feminist, but im glad that im at least this hoid.
    And very glad I knew about this awesome definition before so many others – surely I can now call myself a 2013 feminist? 😉
    Thank you!

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