A couple of fabulous young reader solicits from DC Comics…

The time is nearly upon us, everyone. This week marks the first issue of the all new Justice League, written by Geoff Johns and drawn by Jim Lee. Only time will tell what the reboot will really bring, but until then, have a couple of really fantastic solicits from the DC Kid’s line…

First, October’s All-Batgirl issue of the Tiny Titans!

“You are invited to a special Batgirl issue featuring Cassandra, Stephanie, Flamebird and, of course, Barbara. Find out what happens to The Batcave when the girls take over! Bonus: Coach Lobo’s Secret Soccer team versus…The Birds of Prey?! GO-O-O-A-A-AL! ”

This is squee-worthy for a number of reasons. First of all, The Tiny Titans is the cutest, cleverest kids superhero book out there. Second of all, to dedicate an issue to the Batgirls after all of the kerfuffle concerning Barbara, Stephanie and Cassandra is genius, as is bringing up the oft-forgotten Flamebird (a reincarnation of the very first Bat-Girl, Batwoman’s sidekick).

What’s interesting about the kid’s books is that Stephanie is often considered more of a Robin than a Batgirl (she was placed into the All-Robin issue briefly).

Check out November’s Batman: The All New Brave and the Bold solicit:

“Batman is seriously injured, so it’s up to a whole team of Robins to stop the League of Assassins! How? The Phantom Stranger reaches through space and time to gather everyone who’s ever been “The Boy Wonder,” but will their combined skills be enough?”

Do you see who I see in that Brave and the Bold cover? Not only Stephanie Brown’s Robin, but Carrie Kelly of The Dark Knight Returns fame.

It seems that the DC kids line is attempting to fill the nerdy little hole in my heart made by all of the reboot confusion. If you haven’t heard, supposedly, the recent Gates of Gotham miniseries (which features a fierce Cassandra Cain) is remaining canon post-reboot, meaning that Blackbat is libel to pop up, and word on the street is that somewhere out there in reboot land, Stephanie Brown has gone back to being the Spoiler.

There’s also the Paul Levitz/Marcus To Huntress minseries to look forward to in October, and a rumor of an Earth 2 JSA title.

If you’re interested in following the New 52, here’s a handy-dandy schedule for this month’s #1’s:


  1. M.C. says

    Anybody read the new Batwoman yet? I was wondering how they are portraying her sexual orientation now that Rucka isn’t writing her. (WTF DC? Way to get rid of my favourite writer!)
    This is the one title I considered picking up since I decided to boycott all Superman titles after what they did to the Clark/Lois marriage.

  2. Red says

    I LOVE ‘Tiny Titans’! (Just bought an issue last night!) Better than the mainstream comics! It’s fun and not overwrought with all the angst and drama that shoveled into the ‘big’ comics. It doesn’t take itself so seriously, while at the same time, playing into many of the themes that were present in the original comics. My favorite Tiny Titans are Beast Boy and Miss Martian! And I love BB’s pet elephant(!), Elizabeth!

    I can’t wait for this next issue!

  3. Dina Bow says

    If DC advertised these more often, I might read more of their stuff! I’d like to support their cartoony comics.

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