A Lois I Can Get Behind

The character of Lois Lane in practically every movie or TV show has irritated the hell out of me. Teri Hatcher’s Lois from Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman is the one exception. (Second season just came out on DVD)

Searching around for a female character depicted in the media in a well-rounded, realistic light is like trying to find a comfortable pair of underwear in a sex shop. But Hatcher’s Lois makes it happen. She’s stubborn, strong-willed, independent, cocky, and doesn’t take shit from anyone. She’s in tune with her feelings, but manages to have a brain at the same time.

Even though Clark comes onto the scene as the next ‘big reporter’, she’s still referred to as Perry White’s ‘top star’ at the Daily Planet. And while Superman may have more points in his favor on saving Lois than the other way around, she doesn’t sit on her ass and cry until she’s rescued. No, she tries to get herself out of messes. She even succeeds at times. Hell, she rescues Superman on occasion. This girl knows martial arts!

You can really see the show trying to give Lois an equal role. After all, the show wasn’t just called The New Adventures of Superman. It’s about Lois and Clark. And it shows.

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