A new take on makeovers

I really hope this turns out just the way it’s described. Every Woman Has an Eating Disorder says LifetimeTV is doing casting calls for a reality makeover show that’s about:

The series will focus not on bodies, but on body image–making over the way we look at ourselves.

The Lifetime casting call page is a bit vague, though it does promise the show will “from self-loathing to self-loving!”   But what’s with the title of the show: “Make My Body Over”.   Shouldn’t it be “Make My Mind Over”?   Or “Help Me Stop Listening to Calvin Klein When He Takes Time Out of His Busy Teenage Boy Nude Photography Schedule to Tell Me What a Woman Should Look Like?”

I don’t mean to be overly critical, and if the show does perform as advertised, it should be awesome.   But seriously… the title is the same old message we hear all the time, and a lot more people will hear the title than will see the show.

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