A Thursday Interruption: SAILOR MOON FTW.

Nneka’s new single’s rockingly melancholy.

So is “Lighthouse” by Wishes and Thieves

Do the creep?



  1. Casey says


    I just hope a re-release of the manga will usher-in a re-re-re-release of the series on DVD (and hopefully in MUCH BETTER QUALITY, TOO).

  2. igglanova says

    Ok, I’ve been reading here for a while and I was just now moved to comment. Is that awful of me? Oh well SAILOR MOON OH MY FUCKING GOD I’M SO EXCITED!!! 😀

    I’ll be watching my mailbox like a hawk. Incidentally, I love how everyone around me came out of the sailor moon closet once we got into our twenties. Admit it. You totally let that shit play when no-one else was around.

  3. Casey says

    Patrick McGraw,

    I was only able to borrow the first two seasons from someone in my old Japanese class…still, what a walk down memory lane! (got awkward when my little sister and her guy-friends walked in on me crying during Nephrite’s death scene…and again with Zoicite’s death scene)

    igglanova: Admit it. You totally let that shit play when no-one else was around.

    Maybe we come from two different generations but my friends and I were always unabashed Sailor Moon/Cardcaptor Sakura/magical girl fans. 😀

  4. igglanova says

    Alas, I spent my teen years thinking I was the only one. *single tear* I still have the Sailor Moon RPG on my computer and I played through it multiple times, oh god I was such a loser XD

    I’m afraid that this thread is going to make me start watching PGSM. Much like the Buffyverse, once you get sucked into the Sailor Moon black hole you are not coming out…

  5. Patrick McGraw says

    Freshman year in college, I totally ate breakfast down in the dormitory lounge watching Sailor Moon before my first class every morning.

  6. Dani says


    Hip hip! I’m thinking about picking it up myself.

    It’s pretty great 😀

    Side note: I remember that Sailor Moon was the first animated show I ever watched with primarily female leads, and how exciting that was to me as a young teenager – despite how terrible the English dub was and how much better the manga is than the anime, it still has a special place in my heart for that :)

  7. Casey says


    So around 14-ish, then? (all the Sailor Scouts were the same age aside from Chibi-Usa and the Outer Senshi, who were already in high school/adults/a 12-year old cyborg)

    My friends and I were 7 when we first started watching it on Toonami.

  8. igglanova says

    I never get tired of complaining about Saturn’s lack of awesome creepy cyborg shit in the anime. Actually, they really stripped a lot of the technology out of the show version, now that I think of it. Which is a real shame, because the seamless integration of spiffy sci-fi supercomputer shizz with fairy tale magic powers struck me as so unusual and cool when I first picked up the manga. (I mean DAMN, aren’t you jealous of a troupe of superheroines who have supercomputer magic space castles floating around their respective planets!?)

    Ugggh I still have to smack myself on a regular basis when I catch myself gushing too much about Sailor Moon. NO. NO. BAD. TOO MUCH. THEY DON’T CARE.

  9. Azzy says

    Sailor Moon was the first anime I ever watched, because my deskmate* in first grade used to watch it religiously. Because she and I didn’t have much in common, I made a point to watch it every day, too, so we could talk about the episode the next day. It came on just as school ended, and if I ran home, I could catch the beginning. Also, we didn’t have the American version, we had the Japanese. I knew it was Japanese, because the original sound was just as loud as the dub and everybody spoke in an incomprehensible language, and the girls had incredibly high-pitched voices.

    What I remember about it was that it was the first time I saw a lesbian relationship on-screen, and it left me terribly confused, since, y’know, I was 7 and had no idea lesbians even existed.

    *in Romania, schools usually have double desks, which I always thought was much better than single desks. If nothing else, it helps children socialize more easily with at least one person in the classroom, and one’s deskmate usually becomes one’s best friend, especially in lower grades.

  10. Dani says

    Casey: Dang, I first watched Sailor Moon when I was around 6~7, so I guess I should count myself as lucky!

    Yeah…well, I was/am a big action/adventure/fantasy fan (some of my favorite American cartoons were Batman: the Animated Series and Gargoyles)…and we all know how much those genres are geared towards girls -_-

    igglanova: I *love* the technology aspect of the manga! There’s quite a bit that I wish they would have kept in the anime…

  11. Katie says

    I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say that for me, it wasn’t just that Sailor Moon had female leads. It was that said female leads were unabashedly GIRLY and yet that didn’t detract from their power. It said to me that I didn’t have to abandon pink, or ruffles, or sweets, in order to be a ‘strong, capable woman’.

    For a girl who grew up in the 80’s terrified that if prospective employers knew she played with barbies and my little ponies she’d never get hired by anyone EVER, that was a powerful message.

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