A Thursday Interruption: RIP TEENA MARIE!

Soooooooooooooooo much more awesome than Taylor Swift.


RIP Teena Marie!

Lila Downs has a hypnotically slow, beautiful voice.

Reina del Cid represents for all the library girls out there. What I like about this vs. Taylor Swift’sĀ oeuvre is that she’s challenging the guy to step outside his comfort zone, and the singer has her own interests…. but there’s still a hintof that girl-on-girl hateration you see in this kind of song, though.



Begin the new year with forgiveness, if possible.


  1. Casey says

    I remember an E! talking head show that made fun of that condom commercial a while ago…all the pundits were like, “We get it, he has a huge penis, we get it!”
    MMMUUR, IDK šŸ˜

      • says

        I think that’s kind of the point, yeah? :-)

        One of the main excuses jerks use for not wearing a condom are that it’s a “mood killer.” This commercial is attempting to make condom use HOT, not something that breaks a mood, but something that builds it. Probably a good strategy, and something that we could probably use more of. Every North American condom commercial I’ve ever seen has gone the humour route, trying to, I don’t know, make condoms less intimidating? Silly? Fun? Rather than actually sexy in and of themselves.

        This commercial also undercuts another common jerk excuse, “I’m too big for condoms to fit.” Because if it’s big enough to go over an umbrella… yeah.

        • Casey says

          @both Maria and Danni

          Well, as much as I thought the commercial was kinda farcical, I don’t dislike it. Really, it was the pundits on the show making fun of it that bugged, since there were a lot of problematic racial tropes/stereotypes they trotted out for cheap laughs.

        • Quib says

          that last part reminds me of an American ad I saw (can’t remember if it was on t.v. or online somewhere) the man complains condoms “never fit right”, and the woman tells him that “if [he’s] too big for a condom, [he’s] too big for [her]”, and rolls a condom on over her arm to show this.
          Similar kind of thing, although without the crowd of people (which I didn’t quite understand). It’s also sort of interesting that the umbrella ad has the man making the condom sexy (instead of a woman convincing a man ad, a couple centric ad, or a “you have to” sort of ad).

  2. says

    I’ve been watching the Yellowjackets video over and over, trying to pin down why I like it so much more than the Taylor Swift one, considering it’s more or less a shot for shot remake. I think I’ve pinned it down to a few reasons:

    1. Swift’s whiny passivity always bugged me. I have a VERY low threshhold for pining, and if Swift’s character in that song were a boy singing about a girl, s/he would be a TEXTBOOK Nice Guy(tm). “Waaaa, I have been sitting here giving you friendship and comfort, why have you not READ MY MIND and rewarded me for my ‘selfless’ devotion with sexytimes?!” But when it’s a gay guy singing about crushing on his possibly straight jocky friend, suddenly there’s a legitimate reason for NOT just telling his crush how he feels. This character is risking a hell of a lot more if the confession goes badly. Which means I’m rooting for him a hell of a lot more when he finally does confess.

    2. Although the girl-hate is still there, the Virgin/Whore imagery is significantly toned down in this version. God, I rolled my eyes so hard at the Swift video when Good Chaste Blonde Taylor walked into the prom in a freaking snow white gown, and Evil Slut Brunette Taylor is wearing a red sequined gown with cutaway sides. (HARLOT!)

    3. Better casting. Unlike Swift, this guy actually LOOKS like a dorky kid, as opposed to a preppy kid in dork drag. (Those glasses, Taylor, really? Did the director get those at a costume shop?) Also, the guy playing the crush is WAY hotter. NOT JUST MY SHALLOW OPINION! OBJECTIVE FACT! šŸ˜›

    • says

      OH! And I just realized,

      4. The jock crush is actually risking something too. In the original, he doesn’t break up with his girlfriend until he knows he has the best friend as a safety net, at which point he dumps her AT PROM. Kinduva dick move, and cowardly. He gets all the reward and has all the power, but assumes none of the risk. In the YellowJackets version, all that still happens, and it’s still kinda dickish, but it’s offset by the fact that DUDE, the school sports hero just CAME OUT at prom! Which offsets the dickish with gutsiness. And again, this time you can understand the character hesitating to confess. Wanting to know for sure that it’s worth it before ending the socially accepted hetero relationship and striking out into the unknown makes a certain amount of sense. Still somewhat douchey, but mitigated.

      • Maria says

        EXACTLY. So instead of disliking TS, the love interest, and the mean girl, you like the dorky kid, the hot jock, and don’t like the mean homophobic girl.

        • Casey says

          But Taylor was teased for liking country music! SHE IS SO TOTES AN OSTRACIZED WEIRDO LIKE ONE OF US, YOU GAIZ~!![/snerk] šŸ˜‰

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