A Thursday Interruption: <3 Patina Miller

Long, but VERY fun.


Christina’s new Spanish-language single —> AWESOME.



Uhhh, and in honor of USian Independence…

To My People” by Assata Shakur



  1. says

    The language center of my brain is aching at the BUTCHERED Spanish of Christina’s song. Grammar’s bad, enunciation is almost nonexistant, pronounciation/ is ghastly– apparently she can’t decide if she’s singing about her father’s house (caSa) or his hunting hobby (caZa, bc that’s what she says half of the times).
    One would think a star like her could hire a Spanish speaking editor to correct the lyrics and/or a Spanish speaking vocal coach/speech therapist to help her not make a fool of herself.

  2. Patrick McGraw says

    That Within Temptation video is awesome. I love how much ferocity Sharon den Adel puts into that song.

  3. Patrick McGraw says

    The final video is EXCELLENT, juxtaposing the speech (Frederick Douglas, IIRC?) with images from the century-plus since emancipation. I don’t really have any words to describe it.

  4. Sarah says


    Maybe she should have talked to her mom (her bio says mom was a Spanish teacher) or perhaps her dad (bio says he was born in Ecuador).

    • Maria says

      @Sarah and Nuria

      LOL I sincerely doubt she’d ask her dad for advice abut language, since a lot of her body of work deals with family violence and is semi autobiographical.

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