A Thursday Interruption: Happy Belated Purim!

Ohhhhhhh this is sad!

Kickin’ it old school with a Bowie cover

And new school with Rihanna’s “S’n’M”

Some interesting thoughts about the video here! I must say, I found the inclusion of chubby kinky women really charming.

Gonna finish up with some JLo and Willow Smith.


From the Willow Smith I’m getting a serious Shadow Speaker vibe in this video.

Also, Purim!


  1. says

    Haha, I already had a tendency to think of the Maccabeats as a Jewish version of the Warblers from Glee; that video completely cemented the impression!

  2. says

    Great thoughts on the S&M video. I very much enjoy the song because it’s a fun depiction of kink and not the sterotypical M/f dark and edgy stuff, and I love that Rihanna didn’t shy away from the song because of Chris Brown – s&m and abuse are not the same.

  3. Casey says

    The first time I heard “S&M” on the radio, it was edited like, “Sticks and stones may break my bones/but _____ and _____ excite me”…I guess a woman enthusiastically embracing kink-dom is DIRTY AND WRONG but singing forlornly about an abusive relationship is A-OKAY~!![/rage]

    Luckily, I heard it last night on the radio again and it was unedited…so yay! 😀

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