A Thursday Interruption: WISCON BOUND!



It’s like she took the aesthetics of Sucker Punch and didn’t realize that the movie’s whole point is that girl power devoid of agency or political power is toxic, self-destructive, and only leads to limited victories.

<3 <3 SANTOGOLD <3 <3


Yup, I’m having a day of brown love.

In other news: Tsode wrote a review of Katy Perry’s new music video below.


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    Love the Nineteen Percent video. Not only do women explicitly not the world, not only is that definitely not our goal, but running the world through the power of our sexuality over men isn’t true power at all. Men still have the power, women just have influence. Which isn’t true authority.

    One minor quibble with the Takei video, the bill would make it illegal to discuss any sexuality other than heterosexuality. Simplifying it down to “homosexuality” erases the rest of the queer rainbow. Although he did mention “LGBT youth” a little later, so I guess he got it half right?

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