A Thursday Interruption: <3 Ongina <3

I love a song where the woodwinds rock out.

“It’s the safest place you’ll ever find — god forbid you change your mind. He thinks he’ll keep her…”

“For fifteen years she had a job with never a raise in pay — now she’s in the typing pool at minimum wage”


And now for something completely different!


  1. Finbarr Ryan says

    You just reminded me that I need to add some Electric Six to my music library.

    And now thanks to a quick Youtube search I’ll have ‘Danger! High Voltage!’ in my head for the next few days. :)

  2. sbg says

    LOL, just seeing Electric Six and the title made me get the song in my head. Annnnnd, then Finbarr Ryan adds to it with “Danger! High Voltage!” Both of them just will never get out.

  3. Towanda says

    Holy crap. I used to listen to “He Thinks He’ll Keep Her” when I was a little kid, and it went completely over my head. Every family I knew then seemed happy and whole to me. Driving kids around, doing the laundry? These were things a mother was supposed to do. So I was baffled by the verse where she suddenly “doesn’t love him anymore.” It didn’t make any sense to me. Oh, and I figured that she must not have been very good at her job if she never got a raise in fifteen years.

    This was my first time hearing it since then, and all my old little-kid assumptions about the song came rushing back. Listening through the lens of everything I’ve learned since then is jarring. I’ve played it on repeat about five times just now, marveling at how badly I had once missed the point.

  4. says

    1.) Holy crap I had almost forgotten how much I love Mary Chapin Carpenter. Besides this one (which is an awesome song), I really loved “Passionate Kisses” and “I Take My Chances”. MCC sings about women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to admit it (and hey, sometimes what you want is Dwight Yoakum and Lyle Lovett at the same time…).

    2.) That Electric Six vid is hilarious.

    3.) The Ongina vid was nicely done. I still like Reba singing that song best, but I can’t deny the extra meaning that the visual performance gives it.

    @Attackfish…even though in my heart of hearts I knew I was not alone, you cannot imagine how good it is to hear from other people who wish Toby Keith would get punched in the dick on a regular basis.

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