A Thursday Interruption: Fanvid time!

Thanks for the suggestion I pick up Twelve Kingdoms! Lovin’ this anime.

In honor of my panel at WisCon on Gorgoyles, I share fanvids!

From MC: Sara Bareilles music video!

Why doesn’t anyone ever send me music videos? :(


  1. says

    Love the Sara Bareilles video! The best part is the anonymous arms continuously reaching into the shot to strip her and grab her and generally take control away from her. Great visual for the song. Of course, I’ve been in love with Sara B after “King of Anything” in which she basically says, “Who asked your opinion? I do what I want.”

    Why doesn’t anyone ever send me music videos? :(

    Challenge accepted! http://mediacommons.futureofthebook.org/imr/2008/02/01/us-a-multivid-by-lim

  2. Red says

    AHHH! ‘Gargoyles!

    My sister and I LOVED that show! It had such depth and drama. Course executive meddling KILLED IT. DAMN YOU, DISNEY!

    On another note; it was such an awesome break-though animated show. Not only in terms of dram and realism, but in terms of it’s female characters. From it’s heroines to it’s villains, each of the female characters is played out in depth. They’re given reasons, motivations and flaws. They make mistakes and have moments of weakness and even one of two where they cry (and NOT without reason). But every one of them holds their own, is smart, saves themselves and even saves the heroes. Most of all, they are treated as EQUALS to and by their male counterparts. They were not pushed aside, they were not treated or viewed as weak. Quite the opposite; they had the same expectations on them as the guys in regards to action.

    I have GOT to write a paper on them and submit it!

  3. Dani says

    Gargoyles is awesome. I love how I can watch it now and get more out of it than I did when I was a kid.

    Twelve Kingdoms is one of my favorite series!. The first four novels had been translated into English, but I think the company publishing them in the US went under :(

  4. says


    <3! Great song. And I find it ironic that the vid focuses solely on women when I know many of those women were the token female or the love interest in their original works. Bit of a taking the power back sort of thing.

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