A Thursday Interruption: bumpin bumpin

DMC advocates against homophobia.

REALLY loving Jill Scott’s new cd.

The video below has some disturbing images in it — I don’t think it’s NSFW, but there’s implied domestic violence. Visually it’s what I wanted “Love the Way You Lie” to be.

This song is so weird but it’s stuck in my head!

Some reflections on being a chubby actress.

And an author interview by Daniel H. Wilson.



  1. denimqueen says

    Did Daniel Wilson just call the Terminator Series silly? LOL I love it. I’m going to have to get this book… or still it from someone I know. LOL

  2. Casey says

    I don’t know WHY I didn’t expect YouTube to NOT be a toilet of tired ol’ fat-hatred, but OF COURSE most of the comments left on the Chubby Actress video are just re-treads of “Oh, Trish~! You’re pretty but that fat isn’t good for your bones/heart/etc so irrespective of the fact that you exercise regularly you are most definitely unhealthy~!!1one”

  3. sbg says

    This. I mean, I knew I shouldn’t have read them but then I read them and couldn’t stop reading them. There was one that really pissed me off, one about her being beautiful and curvy, but then her arms are so flabby, which is total evidence of not exercising and therefore she’s not as healthy as she claims to be.

    Uh, as someone who has had fat arms since the age of thirteen or so, I can assure you that trait doesn’t mean I don’t exercise. Just yesterday, for instance, one of my cats became fascinated by the weights I was lifting over my head with my fatty fat arms and jumped on my shoulders to try to grab them. I used the muscles and iron will I have been cultivating to prevent me from dropping said weights on my feet and/or my other cat, who became concerned at my shriek.

    But actually, that was probably all a hallucination and what I was really doing was sitting on the sofa eating potato chips. That’s all fat people do, you know.

  4. Casey says


    It’s like…I WANT to at least leave a teaspoon’s worth of a post trying to explain that being fat does not axiomatically equal unhealthy, just as being thin does not axiomatically equal healthy, but it would probably be all for naught/raise a big snit.

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