A Thursday Interruption: Feminists are serious…


Feminists ARE pretty serious. 😛

Here’s something cute to take the taste of feminism out your mouth. <3

Rihanna’s new music video premiered, and was controversial. I can’t help but read this as part of “Love the Way You Lie” sequence (parts 1 and 2) and in conversation with “Te Amo,” where the “I love you”‘s are mixed in power-shifty sex.


More hilariously: the young conservative’s guide to Muslims.

And a song that I thought was about kittens but is about love or something.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd a song about space!


  1. says

    I am so over the pearl-clutching about Rihanna’s video. Vigilantism is a part of USAian culture, from the Lone Ranger to Batman. It fits into our shtick about independence and self-sufficiency. We glorify the Wild West, with its lynch mobs – excuse me, volunteer sheriff’s posses – and ignore the racism, sexism and other *isms that resulted. But the second a woman picks up a gun, it’s suddenly a problem? You can’t tell me the video would be getting the same reaction if she was raped and her brother went out and shot the asshole. Hell, they make TV shows and feature films out of women in refrigerators!

    The ending of that Kesha video is creepy.

    I really like the Kitten video. I feel like the video is exploring the relationship between sex and violence. There’s violent imagery, with the shattering plates and glasses, interposed with mildly sexual imagery, the dancing and the rocking back and forth, and then imagery that combines them: the biting of the lip and the woman being pushed up against the glass door, which I honestly cannot tell if she’s being sexed or assaulted (or both, I guess). Which is interesting because I don’t see anything violent in the lyrics. It even says “if it’s all right, we can dance”. That makes me think the examination of sex and violence was intentional.

    I’m glad you put the Space Girl video at the end. I needed something to rock out to after all that heavy thinking. :)

  2. Maria says

    There will actually be two really good links tomorrow on black women’s creative work. <3

    I have no idea what is going on with Kesha anymore. I’m starting to think she and Beyonce are working with some really smart people. You can’t tell me “Why Don’t You Love Me?” isn’t about the feminine mystique.

    I actually thought the Kitten video was more about lonliness and desire… I get what you’re saying about the sex and violence, but I’m more struck by the lack of contact/connection between the various people in it…

    I love the Space Girl video. :)

  3. says

    There’s an uproar over the Ke$ha video?? I thought it was hilarious! Especially the conversation between her and James “Van Der Douche”. (Though gunning down the poor unicorns who bleed rainbows was kind of disturbing.)

  4. says

    Maria: I actually thought the Kitten video was more about lonliness and desire

    I can see that, especially with the lyrics. And now that you say that, a lot of the imagery I interpreted as sexual was also alone. The dancing at the club shows space on either side of her, she’s alone when she’s rocking (which my initial impression actually was masturbation)… The violent imagery is also mostly alone. So yeah, that fits together.


    There’s uproar over the Rihanna video “Man Down” with people calling for it to be banned from MTV and BET.

    Honestly, I think the Kesha video is more violent than the Rihanna one. They’re gunning down the innocent bystanders, and the fact that they bleed rainbows instead of blood doesn’t change the fact that they’re bleeding. And the ending glorifies Kesha killing and makes a joke out of it, instead of Rihanna singing about how heavy and life-changing it is to take a human life, even a piece of scum as low as a rapist.

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