A Thursday Interruption: A little late — no ‘net here! :P

I really want Sucker Punch on DVD. :(

I’ve been trying to watch ALL of ST: Voyager. Would peeps be into a blog series on it? I’m only on S2, but it’s been fun so far.



  1. says

    I would be interested in a series on Voyager I watched it a while back and had mixed feelings about a lot of stuff. (I wrote a couple of articles about the negative, but I didn’t really write about the positive stuff at all. Hmm.)

  2. says

    How timely is this?? Because Netflix has a bunch of ST series now, my husband started watching Voyager. I wasn’t impressed with it during its first run, but I’m finding I like many of the characters a lot more than I did then. I think he/we’re currently on season 7, although I missed episodes here and there (he tends to watch them really late at night).

  3. M.C. says

    I love Voyager. It’s one of the few shows I own on DVD. And Torres is my favourite character. You can tell the the actress let her real life experience of being bi-racial influence how she played the half-Klingon/half-human character.

  4. Chai Latte says

    Only one thing, though–WHY is the extended version only available on the Blu-Ray version? I don’t HAVE Blu-ray, dangnabbit! WTF???!!!

  5. says

    Voyager blog series: yesss, please! That’s one of the few TV shows I’ve seen where virtually every episode passed the Bechdel Test with flying colors, so I feel like there’s a much meatier supply of gender and identity stuff to discuss than we usually get.

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