A Thursday Interruption: A love-fest for La India — “Sola,” “La Voz de la Experiencia,” “Soy Diferente”



Happy Latin@ History Month! Learn more about why La India rules below:

Basic bio

Feminist Fillip to Macho Salsa

ALSO THIS JUST IN: Raquel Rivera, a Nuyorican artist, singer, and poet, uses music to explore the myth of Mary Magdalene. She’s branching Afro-Caribbean spiritualities (I’m assuming la Santeria based on the white outfits in the seven song cycle?) and Christianity. Read more here.


  1. The Other Patrick says

    Thanks! This lady… can I say she rocks even though it’s salsa? Well, she’s great, anyway. Thanks also for the links, I had never heard of her and it was interesting to read about this woman breaking into the men’s domain.

    • Maria says

      Plus! One of her big hits in 94 (Love and Happiness) was dedicated to two syncretic goddesses (Yemaya and Ochun) that combine Native, African, and Spanish spiritual traditions. She’s all around awesome.

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