• Patrick McGraw says

      Isn’t there supposed to be some rule against women unapolgetically displaying overt lust? Because that would indicate that the actually feel it?

      (Sarcasm aside, this song will be stuck in my head all day.)

  1. says

    I’m afraid to be alone. I noticed this recently. The very thought of travelling abroad alone seems as wrong as going to a restaurant or the movies alone. It’s not very freeing, so I’m trying to work on it. It was a big step for me to realise hey, I don’t need to get other girls to go to the toilet with me when we’re out!

    Bit pathetic.

    • Maria says

      It’s actually a bit awesome to treat yourself to lunch alone. :) You can order what you want and it’s stress free and delicious.

      • says

        Oh, I know that it is! I’ve just been trapped by expectations from my parents, friends and society, and I’m working on them. :) Along with a whole lot of independence issues I’m starting to attribute to sexism. *sigh*. Oh well at least I’m aware now!
        This video really helped actually.

        • Maria says

          I’m glad — I still can’t do movies by myself, which is such a shame, since I LOOOVE the movies, and none of my friends do.

          • says

            Come to L.A. sometimes – half the movie-goers are alone, because they’re critics or claiming to be. 😉

            Or you could just tell yourself you’re reviewing the movie for us and can’t be distracted by friends! 😀

  2. The Other Patrick says

    I know people look at me funny sometimes, but I like being alone. I like going to the movies alone, which some friends of mine don’t get, but it allows me to immerse myself into the film and not be forced to talk about it right afterwards.

    As for the bed intruder, I’m torn on this one. I’m happy that this may be a ticket out of the projects (which I only know from “The Wire”) for him and his family, but I also feel like his fame is for being laughed at, and it’s like a woman being successful by adhering to sexist stereotypes: yay, success, but at what price?

    Fight like a girl is my country music quoty for this month. :)

    • Maria says

      Yeah, I’m a bit boggled that people are willing to DL a song but not to take a stand against community violence when it’s not THEIR community.

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