A Thursday Interruption: Besties!

MC sent me a video of two female besties from the show Lost Girl!

Shaun sent me this gem:

Two wide-hearted lovers who were sick of holding hands in the dark…

ETA: MY LOST GIRLS LINK DIDN’T EMBED. Have some sword dancing instead.


  1. Finbarr Ryan says

    Oh, god… I was never that big of a fan of the X-Men cartoon when I was a kid, but still… DAT THEME. 😀

  2. Patrick McGraw says

    Finbarr Ryan,

    I wasn’t a big fan of it either, but the theme (and the whole opening sequence) were terrific, wordlessly giving you an introduction to the characters and the theme of mutants as a persecuted minority.

  3. M.C. says

    That Lost Girl video [i]so[/i] makes me want to watch the show.

    You really should, because it’s the best show ever about a female succubus and her female human bff saving the world from evil faeries. OK, it’s the only one, but still… *gg*
    And Kenzi is such a cool sidekick that I’m beginning to think that every movie/show ever could have been improved by adding Kenzi. Even Star Wars. Because it’s so obvious that Kenzi would have asked the Emperor if the Dark Side wants him to virgin-sacrifice Luke. lol

    Anyway, before I go into more rambling, here’s a Lost Girl crash course: http://www.afterellen.com/TV/2010/11/lost-girl-101

  4. says


    Heh, as soon as I saw that video I went and looked Lost Girl up on Netflix. It’s not up but I’m hoping it will be since it’s still less than a year old. It looks a lot like Charmed to me and I liked Charmed’s original-flavor stories. (Though their butchery of other people’s mythologies made me headdesk.)

  5. Shaun says


    Dear God, one of the commenters in that thread suggested using TV links. It worked, but cut me off after 72 minutes without warning. After watching the first episode and the remainder of the 72 minutes into the second, this means everything when black the instant someone pulled a gun on Bo near climaxy climax time. WHERE CAN I FIND THE REST OF THE SHOW AAAH

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