A Thursday Interruption: Biiiiig Fun


I’m just gonna throw this out there: Clare Huxtable was a TERRIFYING mama.

I heard about War Party at NWSA, when the amazing Crystal Rizzo presented on them and Red Power Squad.

This extended mix by MPHO is the longest thing I’ve EVER POSTED for aTi. :) Enjoy!


Or maybe you’ve scrolled down. w00t!


Hey, remember International Literacy Day, and how I said literacy is a feminist issue? One of the organizations I highlighted, Lifting Voices, needs your help! They have the opportunity to join GlobalGiving’s extremely powerful network of partnerships and mentoring, but only if they are able to fund raise 4000 dollars in the next week. ANY LITTLE BIT HELPS! Want something to inspire and amuse? Check out their YT channel, where the kids talk about THEIR truths and everyday lives. <3 <3 <3


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