A Thursday Interruption: Billy Collins! NATURAL WOMAN! Some classical, IDK.


OMG I love how into the poem he gets!!


<3 Oh, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. <3  Covers can be such fun.



A classical cover of “Poker Face”


And one of “Rude Boy!”


  1. The Other Patrick says

    The poetic boy is dangerous! It’s the perfect kind of video that makes you watch all the other videos by that uploader, that makes you go through the “related” tab all day – time dump ahead! In other words, it’s awesome! (The poem is wonderful, too)

    While I love that JGL doesn’t change the sex when he covers the song, I also own a cover of the Free Electric Band by Pa Slaget 12 where they do the same and I love it for that :)

    I wish the Pokerface cover would have used a full orchestra, I was longing for more instruments to join in and the song to grow more powerful (like the Rude Boy cover is powerful). But still nice.

    (Back to Joseph Gordon Levitt for a moment: not only do I love him as an actor, but he also has this site called hitrecord where people from around the world can get together and produce media / art – he seems funny, smart, *and* cool. I might become a fanboy. Also, have you seen Brick? OMG!)

    My father sent me money and I spent it pretty fast
    On a boy I met in Berkley in a social science class
    Yes and we learned about his body but his mind we did not know
    Until deep routed attitudes and morals began to show
    He wanted to get married even though he never said
    And I knew him well enough by now to see inside his head
    He’d settle for suburbia and a little patch of land
    So I gave him up for music and the Free Electric Band.

        • Patrick McGraw says

          It was good reference. I loved JGL in the movie, but then I also loved the movie tremendously. Yes, it was utterly ridiculous, but that’s exactly what it should be.

          • Patrick McGraw says

            Oh, yeah it is definitely a cultural/generational thing. To someone unfamiliar with the franchise (ported to the UK as Action Force, I’m not sure about other countries) it doubtless comes across as some silly fantasy military thing. To those of us who grew up with it, it is the best silly fantasy military thing ever.

            (It also has a tradition of very kickass female heroes and villains, during the very gender-segregated 80s.)

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