A Thursday Interruption: Conversations with Kids

Seriously… this is so funny I am CRYING.

Here’s another cute kid… this time from a commercial.

Interestingly, people are so, uh, RACIST, that Cheerios closed comments on this series of commercials, since it features an interracial couple/family. Hooray for Cheerios! I’m normally a Snap/Crackle/POP! girl, but I’m now publicly declaring my new found allegiance to Cheerios — the heart-healthy cereal beloved by modern families across the world!





  1. sbg says

    LOL at the first one.

    As for the second, I wish I could say I was surprised that the racist trolls came out en force on that one. It’s such a waste of energy to be so hateful, I often wonder how people sustain it.

    And Cheerios has a lot of really freaking cute commercials. I love the one where the dad puts the Cheerios on his baby’s tray, and the older child comes in and swipes most of them. Always makes me smile.

  2. Cheryl says

    The first video was great! The logic and reasoning of toddlers is truly…interesting at times. ;D

    The second was absolutely fabulous. LOVED IT. It doesn’t surprise me that the trolls came out in force. Don’t they always? xp *rolls eyes*

    I’m White, and one of my mom’s cousins married a woman who’s Black when I was fourteen. My dad made the remark that the wife is a great woman; it’s too bad she’s Black. Annoyed, I asked him why, and he said something about how he felt bad for the kids they’d have because of how they’d be treated because they were biracial. I forget what I told him, but I made it clear it was attitudes like his that were the problem, not the skin color of their parents. Since then, they’ve had three daughters who, I hear, are treated like the intelligent, capable young women they are at school and in the community. For their sakes, I’m glad they haven’t had to deal with racist crap.

  3. Nuri says

    I jusy came by again to THANK you for linking the convos w/my 2 y.o. video. Best thing I’ve seen in ages.

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