A Thursday Interruption: FEFE DOBSON’S BACK! THE BLACK KIDS RULE! Also: Metric and a Question

FIRST of all, Tiye Phoenix has come out with a new single that touches on her comments about Nicki Minaj. It’s frikking amazing.

OMFG “Ghost” might have just made me cream my pants, even though I don’t like her bangs, what’s WITH them?


Some good techno. <3

Okay, so Cee Lo’s anti-gold-digger song?

Sexist. But, here’s a great response to it.

Oh, and an intern from NPR has come out of the closet as having diverse musical tastes that includes the mainstream.

FINALLY, MC’s got a question they want your smartypants help with:

I’m not sure what to make of this music video. A generic love song or the proof that some men dream of a woman who will rescue them?

Here’s the video in question.

Thoughts, dear readers?


  1. The Other Patrick says

    Crossfire was a great video – for a music clip, the fights were pretty good, and Charlize Theron vs. ninjas! I’m sure there are men who dream of women rescuing them, and you can definitely read the video that way, intentionally or not. I mean, how she’s the one to put her arm around him in the end?

    I couldn’t help thinking, though, that he was kind of getting himself into intense bdsm scenes time after time. Don’t ninjas respect safewords? Is Charlize the enforcer of a high-end kink club? Does she send him out, or does he pretend all those ninja attacks are random? Music video fan fiction coming up!

  2. megs says

    I love the Cee Lo response. It’s hard not to like the original, for all the lyrics. I want to say “Fuck You” to that catchy beat, but not to a “gold-digger”, but to a stalker is much more satisfying.

    The only reason I can sit through the original is the idea of a unreliable narrator, where I pictured the same sort of scenario – the narrator thinks he’s in the right, but it’s plain to see he’s obsessed and angry and not being reasonable. There’s actual whining in the original – I take it to mean Cee Lo is playing up the actual childishness of the narrator. There’s a newer video for the song that really seems to be playing up this angle up until the end, where he drives by in a fancy car while she’s working at the diner he was working at before, which negates all that, unfortunately. Oh well, “Georgia” is the second song he’s released and it’s marvelous and guilt free.

    And I do think it’s kind of sad that so many songs like this I resort to hoping it’s an unreliable narrator in order to enjoy. Sure, even if that’s what they meant, it still comes across to most people as more justification that these attitudes are cool.

  3. says

    I liked that he kept getting into trouble, because we see that in action all the time. Superhero love-interests get kidnapped time after time, either because they are stupid, or because they are good leverage (or both). So to me it was realistic within the parameters of the genre albeit squished into a short period of time.

    I loved his smile each time when she came to rescue him.

    • Patrick McGraw says

      I had the same take on it. Kind of like in the 80’s Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles cartoon, where Shredder eventually admitted that “kidnap April O’Neil” was his fallback plan whenever things went awry.

      And yeah, that smile is great.

  4. SarahSyna says

    One thing I like about the Fefe Dobson song is the nastiness at the other girl, and the complete lack thereof. She actually says that she ‘should warn her that you’ll never do her right’, which is kind of unexpected since it’s really common to demonise the Other Girl in this sort of thing. There’s a load of song with lyrics that basically go ‘haha, you’re going to treat her like dirt and that’s what she deserves for taking my man’. Whereas in this she’s actually calling the guy out for being a bad boyfriend to both her AND the new girlfriend and saying that the Other Girl deserves better.

    • Shaun says

      Yeah I noticed that too. It’s always struck me as illogical because 1) the cheating party’s other (in this case) girlfriend may not know she’s being used this way, 2) even if she does know, she’s hurting a stranger, not betraying a loved one. The blame should fall primarily on the cheating party (who will probably do it again).

  5. Anne says

    I LOVED the Crossfire music video! It’s so cute! He’s like Lois Lane and she’s all heroic! Awwww! I loved how he had that look like, “yeah, i know, again, right? But I have you to save me!” and then she puts her arm around him at the end…Loved it. And all the videos here. Thanks for sharing! Made my morning happy.

  6. says

    Hmmmm I gotta say I loved the Crossfire video. I found it refreshing and interesting at the same time. At first it was kind of “awww, that’s sweet” and then when he kept getting into trouble I had less sympathy for him, like “god what kind of idiot is this guy?” and that, to me, was telling about how the role reversal paints women that are constantly being abducted. I did like that they switched to her POV for the last scene, and the arm around him in the truck was cute.

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