A Thursday Interruption: Fiest’s “Mushaboom,” Ozomatli’s “Gay Vatos in Love,” and a kick ass cover of “Bad Romance.” Also: NEWSIES!!!!!!


Look! A love song that’s not weirdly stalkerish.

I love Ozomatli. Here’s more on Angie Zapata, in case you aren’t familiar with her story. :-/ Looks like someone’s been editing the Q&A her friends made in a really jerktastic way.

Here’s your weekly dose of choreography.


  1. says

    Interestingly, the a capella video shows real work in the choreography – but do you agree that the *very same* choreography done by women would have been recognized as sexy and not funny? Is that because they’re men? Because they’re clearly not dancers with dancer’s bodies (and costumes)?

    • Maria says

      I think it has to do more with them not having a dancer’s body. AFAIK there are men in Gaga’s video doing pretty similar choreagraphy and it’s sexy (at least to me ;)).

    • Robin says

      I think the boys did quite well with their choreography. In fact, I don’t find it funny so much as I can tell that they’re having a lot of fun performing it.

      The crowd probably responded with laughter because of the gender difference — boys don’t generally do the booty shaking — but it was appreciative laughter rather than derisive, so that’s something. Maybe some of them were prepared for such things by seeing the football team on Glee do ‘Single Ladies’?

      • Maria says

        I think there was a note of discomfort in the laughter (which was in part driving the humor) because I think ppl forget that certain bodies (fat bodies, male bodies, hairy bodies) can be graceful or can move in a particular way.

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