A Thursday Interruption: Great Hairography



You know what I love? MY HAIR!

Now, let’s kick it old school with a clip from School Daze.


And now, a heartfelt request: STOP LOOKING AT MY MOM!


  1. Joan says

    So, after lurking here for months, this is the thing I just had to comment on:

    Are blue tutus the new costume for young female superheroes? ‘Cause if the girl in the first video and the girl in the last one got together I think they would make a pretty awesome crime fighting duo.

  2. says

    I loooove that Sesame Street video! And those girls dancing to Willow Smith are FABOLOUS.

    Not as fond of “Stop Looking At My Mom,” but it’s reeeeeal catchy. I’m all for anti-leering statements, that just because you see an attractive woman doesn’t mean she’s there/looks good for YOUR (figurative “you”) attention/eyes or is INVITING stares, etc. SERIOUSLY! Don’t hiss at her! Don’t kiss at her! …She didn’t ask for an audience. Still, my first impression was that it seemed like some weirdly possessive kids.

    Also, why didn’t Chris Rock use “Straight and Nappy” in Good Hair?! It would have made that movie far more entertaining.

    • Maria says

      The prob for me is that it’s not “mom” status that makes verbal harassment inappropriate — it’s HUMAN status.

      And I’m willing to bet Spike Lee would be mad if someone borrowed from School Daze without his permission… he’s strangely posssessive too!

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