A Thursday Interruption: Imogean Heap, David Bowie, Martina Topley Bird

First up, we got Imogean Heap rocking it with “Earth.” I secretly really like her, even though I have a problem with whispy voiced singers. Lyrically, this song makes me think of Alanis, who, you know, RULES.

Next, David motherfuckin’ Bowie, Hogwarts alum and the Goblin King. <3 LET’S DANCE.

Martina Topley-Bird is fantastic at biting melancholia. I’m really bitter my CD has a scratch on it. And also then I lost it. :(

I just downloaded Kelis’ Flesh Tone and I have to say it’s amazing. Like, I haven’t been disappointed in a single track, AND you know how I feel about albums conceived as a whole instead of individual tracks. ┬áPlus, it’s got a good beat for jogging.

This is a cockatoo. It is dancing.



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