A Thursday Interruption: Let’s play the Hunger Games

Okay, FYI, the next video will make you cry. It’s about a rescue dog.

Annnnnnnnnnnd my favorite song, by Kelis:

Annnnd some Willow and Nicki!! <3

Yeeeeeeessssss Azealia Banks!

Let’s close with my favorite cover of “Video Games.”

This one, without Lana Del Rey’s weird faux-vamp vibe, could actually be a nerdy girl’s love song.


  1. Fairfield says

    The cover of Video Games is gorgeous and it’s a lot more honest sounding than the original. I think my favourite cover is probably by The Young Professionals, an LGBTQ band from Israel.

  2. Maria says


    I agree. I was telling my partner the other night that I liked the lyrics/concept of Lana del Rey more than the actual execution. She’s not raw enough vocally to compete with Adele or Amy Winehouse, and she’s not sexy/vampy to get that really good purr you hear in Eartha Kitt or the lead singer of Dearling Physique.

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