A Thursday Interruption: This the end of your life… :creepy voice:


Vids the First? We got Girl in a Coma, Dar Williams, and, uh, Tamara Wellons, with a kick-ass cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Ohhhhhhhhhh, this song made me cry!

This one just made me dance :). “Belgrade Riddim” features some kick-ass percussion that begs you to get as round and curvilinear as the shape of the instruments. 😀

Let’s conclude with another Imogen Heap. This time she’s covering “Thriller.” The danceability is down but the creepy factor? WAY UP.


  1. says

    I love Belgrade Riddim and the cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit.

    That Thriller cover is eerie, though. Without the danceability, actual monsters, and Vincent Price, the song sounds like it’s talking about surviving abuse using horror-film imagery. That makes me a sad pony.

    That babysitter song is also sad. Is she still here because she gave up college? Dislike, skeevy boyfriend!! Do not want.

    • Maria says

      No, I think she does go to college — the kids are going to make her a card for it, because they’re supporting her even if her (hopefully ex) boyfriend is not.

      AUNTING. It’s a verb, y’all.

      • MsMelis says

        This is one of my favorite Dar songs! :) I love the innocence of the child narrator even as she’s observing all of these adult issues but doesn’t quite understand them.

        The kids made her a card for her unicorn performance. When the babysitter is crying, I think it’s about the struggle to choose herself and college over love and marriage – an unfair and sad situation. The little girl doesn’t get it, and thinks she’s crying b/c she’s leaving the kids.

        That’s my take! :)

        • Maria says

          She does choose college tho — at 3:20 the little girl makes her a picture to take to college, which is so great, because that means the babysitter’s chosen family supports her more than that exBF did.

    • Maria says

      Yeah, the “Thriller” cover is amazingly eerie. My only prob with Imogen is that vulnerable female vocalizations is of her thing. It’d’ve been more of a departure for her for it to NOT sound eerie.

    • The Other Patrick says

      Maybe one can be the other Anne? Then I won’t be so alone in my otherdom. :)

      Dar Williams has done one of my favorite Christmas songs, too: the Christians and the Pagans.

  2. says

    Okay, I am now The Other Anne. And you will never know which Anne is now the Other one! Bwahahahaha! Y’know, except for the mods.

    All these songs kind of made me feel…really dissonant. Especially Imogen Heap’s cover.Whoa.

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