A Thursday Interruption: My GoT Soundtrack I

Dany —

“Monster” for the Lannisters,


with this specific verse for Cersei:

Kanye’s “Power” was a close second, specifically for Tywin.

I couldn’t find anything suitably ┬ádark for Jaime and Tyrion that didn’t also go for the woobie-factor, which y’all know I dislike. So here’s “Going the Distance” by Cake, which always struck me as deeply cynical.

The following two are for Sansa.

Let’s face it: Mariah Carey and Sansa are a natural pair imo because a lot of her work is about the gap between fairy tales, reality, and the difficulty in surviving.

I also feel like this cover of “Teen Spirit” resonates with Sansa’s story arc as well.


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