A Thursday Interruption: MYSTERIOUS WAYS

For some reason I had this song caught in my head last week.

This video is a beautiful tear-jerker — IDK about you, but I went and hugged my partner after. He was very confused.

GOOOOO Alabama Shakes!

I really wish Ginny wasn’t the face for the civilian — she¬†fought¬†in the Battle of Hogwarts too…

And then… CHRISTINA!

Fair warning: next week will be a lot of RnB and Christmas.




  1. sbg says

    Even knowing what’s coming, that Big Reveal, with the It’s Time vid – gah. So gorgeous. I know many people who use the “It’s immoral” argument when discussing marriage rights for, y’know, non-heterosexuals, and I just cannot figure out how love could ever be immoral.

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