A Thursday Interruption: Pansy Division’s cover of Liz Phair’s “Flower,” the wonders of the number 4, and some kick ass guitar playing. Also: A link roundup and a video from one of our readers!

Pansy Division covers Liz Phair’s “Flower.” Whoa! NSFW!


This is totally SFW. Fiest helps you count to four.

From TheOtherPatrick:

Some awesome guitar playing from Botswana! 😀

BTW UnusualMusic’s got a fantastic link roundup on race, gender, and rock’n’roll.

From Jen, one of our readers:

My band wants to play at the Green Man Festival in Wales and to do so we have to win votes on our music video here: http://www.greenman.net/greenpollartist2010/colour-me-wednesday/2472

I was hoping all you guys would vote for us, I would just die if another bland all-male indie band won another one of these popularity contests when you could have an awesome feminist ska-punk band instead!!!!!

Point to your side, Jen! Please vote if you can.


  1. Eileen says

    I love when the Botswanan guitarist starts smiling mid-way through, because she knows how awesome she is.

  2. sbg says

    She is awesome. Totally makes me want to move (as in approximate dancing, as I can’t say what I do qualifies).

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