A Thursday Interruption: RIP, Donna Summer

Here’s a recommended listening list for those of you unfamiliar with this diva’s work.

Here are the songs I remember her for:

While I know this is a cover, I feel like she really made it her own…

I’m a sucker for that soaring voice.

She sounds so regal.

I always thought this live version was hilariously cute, with her teasing of Rod Stewart.

(By the way, this last has the longest sustained note held by a female singer in both the US and the UK, clocking in at 16 seconds. It’s also a damn near perfect example of Donna’s style.)


  1. Fairfield says

    It’s difficult to grasp, or communicate, just how vital Summer’s music was for so many people, especially the LGBTQ community: she literally saved people’s lives. The music, her soaring voice (which was incredible right through her life) gave a sound to a very specific struggle against kyriarchy.

    What a legacy!

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