A Thursday Interruption: RIP, Left Eye!

In memory of Lisa Left Eye Lopes, a member of one of the best selling girl groups of all time.

I’m having a hard time embedding YT vids right now, but did want to throw up this quote:

As this was the music of my youth, it was also the music of my feminist awakening. While I recognize that many female MCs don’t associate with the term “feminism,” their commanding presence and demand for self-respect and sexual autonomy was hugely influential on how I came to understand the world and my place in it as a teenage girl and later as an adult woman. Later I’d acquire a copy of Tricia Rose’s definitive Black Noise, a tremendously influential piece of hip hop scholarship that I believe has only been surpassed by her more recent effort, The Hip Hop Wars.

As well as this one:

Hat 2 Da Back” was an important moment in the diversification of the New Jill girl groups of the nineties. While there were similar self-affirming, power anthems coming from groups like En Vogue, they were also couched in a more typically feminine presentation. And TLC would probably argue there’s nothing wrong with that. They were calling attention to the fact that both femininity and sexiness are subjective and that it is a woman’s prerogative about how she embodies both. It was and is an empowering statement.

She and Aaliyah are gone, but not forgotten. I hope they’re jamming in the next world.

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