A Thursday Interruption: ROLL A D6

“I’m sorry if I’m curious, delirious and don’t take life too serious…”

“When there’s zombies all around me, I be hackin’ them all up!”

Oh Beyonce. I love you.


  1. Jenny Islander says

    In my browser, the captions show up strung together like found poetry before I click the page link. So when I saw, “When there’s zombies all around me, I be hackin’ them all up. Oh Beyonce! I think I love you.” I thought of Vin Diesel and Beyonce sitting at a table laughing maniacally as their half-orc fighters tag-team a swarm of ravening zombified giant rats. That would rock.

    Love the video and I think I will send the link to my DM husband. I think he may hurt himself laughing!

  2. sbg says

    Pretty sure I love the little kid in the white ball cap even more than Beyonce. 😉 Also: as fierce as those heels are, I actually wish she’d be wearing sneakers, because that cannot be healthy for her and wouldn’t recommend any average person try that at home.

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