A Thursday Interruption: Stop! What’s that sound?

I wonder when the protest music of Occupy Wall Street will start hitting the airwaves. Oh wait

Huh. That doesn’t sound like what I was imagining.

Holy shit, I have no idea what this is about, but I totally dig this video.


Now: MIA and XXXO


  1. Casey says

    “Girls fucking HATE each other! For no reason!” Well…I can think of a reason that starts with a ‘p’ and ends in “atriarchy” but whatevs…

    I have such a tenuous relationship with “slutty” Halloween costumes, as much as I like the idea in concept, (after all, who doesn’t want to be attractive and desirable?) I get sick of the fact that more often than not, sexy costumes are the only things I can find in the women’s section of a costume store, PLUS they’re either way too expensive, made of cheap, uncomfortable fabric or ill-fitting, usually a combination thereof (plus if I personally tried to wear a sexy costume, I’d get fat-shamed for it. *sigh*).

  2. Azzy says

    Oh, man, Gloria Tesch. Talk about being sheltered. I’m quite incredulous at both the lengths her parents will go to in order to maintain her illusion of fame, and at the fact that so far, they’ve displayed the moral rectitude of flatworms.

    I read a crit of her book some time ago, but the site was taken down for a while and I lost it. I should go find it again.

    Also, you guys should check out the trailer for her book/alleged movie. It’s awful in truly jaw-dropping ways.

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