A Thursday Interruption: Tamara Wellons, Jenny Owen Youngs, and a Single Ladies Devastation

I heard Tamara Wellons perform this cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” at a performance of Gesel Mason’s Women, Sex, Desire: Sometimes You Feel Like a Ho, Sometimes You Don’t. Their goal was to take a song detailing Kurt Cobain’s anxieties about fame and use it to examine women’s relationships to their sexuality. Poke around the show’s site!

This cover of “It’s Getting Hot in Herre” features an abominable snow monster. That’s…. really all I needed to see. <3

The above is a really short video clip featuring cute kids and a horrible father. Everyone is having a great time rocking out to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” until the dad is a jerk and says that the littlest boy can’t be a single lady. WHY KILL THE JOY??

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  1. says

    Horrible father? Come on, he immediately, even before the crying starts, takes it back. He wanted to make a joke and it backfired. In fact, I felt more like this was a family where, if the little boy grew up wanting to be a single lady, they’d be able to accept that. Well, as much as you can glean that from this youtube video.

    Though horrible father is correct, of course, since he’s driving *and* filming at the same time!

  2. Scarlett says

    I’m inclined to agree. I’m the oldest of four (three girls, one boy, the boy being the second youngest) and dad would give him crap all the time when he wanted to do stuff like that with us – he *wasn’t* a girl so he shouldn’t be *singing* about being a girl. Except it wasn’t in playful teasing way and he definitely didn’t take it back and reassure him that he could do the same as his sisters if he liked. I don’t see anything wrong with this father. I’m with Patrick; the only lousy thing he did was shoot while driving.

  3. S says

    I agree with what the other two posters said. The kids are really cute though, I thought it was adorable that he started crying. It reminded me of when I was a kid – my little brother would want to wear pink frocks because I got to and he felt left out. He also used to confuse genders and refer to himself as female (in Hindi). Everybody thought it was really cute and it annoyed me soo much back then. I don’t think he got to wear pink frocks as much as he would have liked to though. And nobody encouraged him referring to himself as female either. Want to guess why?

    • Maria says

      Heh, I don’t really think it’s cute or adorable when kids cry. Call me crazy, but it makes me think of how we teach them to dismiss their own pain or the pain of others.

      Re: the dad’s horribleness… I wouldn’t say he’s a HORRIBLE father (there I was just quoting the video), but I do think he’s a jerk. Even if the littlest was grown, I can’t imagine someone saying that to him wouldn’t be a little hurtful. Shit, I’m a grown woman, and if I were rocking out to a song I clearly enjoyed and someone I loved and respected interrupted me by saying I wasn’t allowed to rock out or enjoy the song because my body didn’t match it, I’d be shocked, hurt, and really really upset. Like, seriously? If I was singing “I’m too sexy for my shirt” and someone was all, MARIA HAHA YOU AREN’T A MODEL HAHA, how is that not mean?

  4. Robin says

    I really love this trend of slower / acoustic covers of dance music. They really point out how ridiculous some of the lyrics are when you can actually understand them. Not unlike Jonathan Coulton’s cover of Baby Got Back. (Last of the first group on the page. Take a listen.)

    Parents, please try to remember that two-year-olds don’t understand irony and sarcasm very well. And do not squelch their rockitude. That little boy has just as much of a right to bop to Beyonce as I did to headbang to metal bands in high school (and still do to this day \m/).

  5. Djiril says

    Well, the guy does say at the end of the video, “I’m a horrible father.” so I figured it was a reference to that. I agree that what he said wasn’t “horrible,” though I remember being pissed off at adults who ruined my fun that way when I was that age.

  6. says

    Ha, I like how the little girl in the middle looks totally pissed at the dad for screwing up everyone’s fun. “WAY TO GO, JERKASS!” That is what her face is saying. Lesson: grownups = constant disappointment!

  7. TierListE says

    *de-lurks* (love the blog btw)

    Like a couple of comments above I think that the “horrible father” referenced what the dad called himself at the end.

    That little boy is so adorable, and is my favorite single lady.

  8. Scarlett says

    @nijireiki: Actually, the girl reminded me of the looks we’ve ALL given our father at some point when he’s said something well-intended but hugely inappropriate to the point of being cruel (ie, having a go at the sister with the Jennifer Hudson figure for eating chips while blithely ignoring the sister with the Kate Moss figure who’s chowing down on KFC at the same time and is by far the unhealthiest of the three of us). But I don’t see the dad as being in any way horrible; maybe it’s ‘cos mine never recognised that his well-intentioned comment had gone hugely awry, let alone apologised for it.

    • Maria says

      Heh, I’m wondering how people would be responding if the mom had said it then apologized, versus the dad. I think people often hold fathers to a lower standard in terms of being sensitive to their child’s emotional sensitivity vis a vis their age.

  9. says

    What interested me most about the “Single Lady” video is that the boy has no idea what a single lady is – he just feels excluded from something by the father telling him he’s not one. This is exactly how social conditioning works, folks – you’re born, and you think life is full of options and it’s so neat and exciting, and then people start telling you “No, THAT option is not for YOU” and when you ask why, they offer, “Because you’re a girl/boy” which is nonsensical and irrelevant in the vast majority of instances. But they just keep repeating it repeating it repeating it until you learn that love is hate and Big Brother loves you a lot.

  10. Robin says

    Glad you liked it, Maria. :)

    The Nirvana cover is very good, but it resonates in a manner very similar to the original. I the ridiculousness of Hot In Herre invokes a stronger reaction simply because of the juxtaposition between the blatantly sexual lyrics and the bouncy tone (and the people in animal costumes). Smells Like Teen Spirit has always been about discontent, so I don’t feel like hearing a woman sing it necessarily makes it about feminine issues, although it could certainly work that way. Personally, since I was in high school at the height of Nirvana’s fame, that song will forever be linked with memories of teenage angst. (Well, that, and the ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic parody of it. Man, do I have bizarre tastes in music.)

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