A Thursday Interruption: Latin@s and Synthesizers! :D

All up in your genre, remixing your shit.

Here’s Aaliyah Tropicalized. No idea if DJ Still Life is Latin@ — I’m more into the fact that Latin beats are augmenting Aaliyah’s legacy. <3

Remezcla is kind of like a general listserv — every couple days they do a round up of the best in free mix-tapes and stuff like that. I’m on their FB and it’s pretty awesome.

RH+ is a Chilean electronica band.

I find the erasure of Latin@s from US histories of music centering production and boundary-pushing totally fascinating. What’s at stake in locating the site of musical and technological innovation in bodies considered full citizens, whose nationality is less likely to be questioned? What’s at stake in relegating some genres of music as “traditional” and therefore author-less?

ANYWAYS, here’s some moody electrotango goodness from Bajofondo. The group’s more like a collective of artists working together, recording different parts of each song in different locales, and all collaborating together in the evolution of electronica and tango.

Dig it? Here’s some more.

I’m gonna conclude with Kordan, a band that’s new to me.


<3 <3 <3 <3

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