A Thursday Interruption: There will be no running.

Apropos to the election cycle. :-/

Meshell, Meshell, Meshell.

HA, No Doubt continues to be racist.

I’m writing this before the votes are in.

:crosses fingers:


  1. What Is History says

    I wouldn’t have thought it was possible, but that No Doubt video is even worse than these articles make it sound. Fourteen seconds into the video, she’s been kidnapped, dragged through the streets, and tied up… while singing the lyric “‘Cause that’s what I want.”

  2. Cheryl says

    The first vid is perfect. I <3 Terry Pratchett. LMAO at the second.

    Here's a Republican reaction to the election: http://www.redstate.com/miamidave/2012/11/07/so-where-do-we-go-from-here/ I just love how they dismiss the 47% as being bought off by benefits, and the wonderings about how to get women, Latinos, and secular young people had me wanting to bash my head against the wall. You get women by NOT wanting to cut birth control and overturn Roe v. Wade. You get Latinos by not continuing to be racist assholes. You get secular young people by not being the party that wants the Constitution to define marriage and wants to Christianize America. DUH?

  3. says

    Cheryl, but you’re applying logic! You can’t do that! 😉 Seriously, though, this is just precisely like the entertainment industry we talk about. They can’t see reality for all the stereotypes in their heads.

    I’ve been ODing on Rachel Maddow today, and she said something I really feel: it’s actually GOOD for our nation to have two (or more, IMO) valid parties that can debate two valid but different approaches to running the country. We don’t have that, though, because the Republican party is so out of touch they might as well be floating in space somewhere. They honestly thought they were going to win. Nate Silver used polling data to predict the results down to the electoral vote – he nailed every state – by using this stuff we call “math,” but the Republicans just didn’t “believe” it, and furthermore belittled him and said he was partisan and blah blah. And even after Obama had obviously won, they were totally unprepared and couldn’t process it. They went into denial.

    Sometimes stupid is just too stupid to realize how stupid it is. I think some people literally don’t understand how others can crunch data and facts and get conclusions that enable good decision making. Those people so do not belong in government, which HAS to be run by facts and data. (We get comments here occasionally on carefully researched articles with lots of links to the supporting data, in which the comment’s essence is something like, “Well, that’s YOUR opinion. My opinion is that unicorns live in my underwear and shit bees, and it’s just as valid as yours.” What right-wingers call “elitism” I call “basic academics and good sense” – a bare minimum for a career in government.)

    To be clear, I think there are probably still some pretty smart moderate Republicans left who actually do get every bit of this. Unfortunately, they’ve lost control of the party.

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