A Thursday Interruption: Welcome to the Zombie Age.

Made it back to my apartment. I never ran so fast in my life. Made it to the glass doors of my building, scanned in, and could feel them closing their rotting fingers around my neck. I swear I could feel them. But the glass held, I got through the second set of doors, and then boom! Empty lobby. But I gotta decide: am I staying here? There are a few other stragglers. The Israeli couple on 4 has banded together with a couple of the seniors on 3, and they’re gradually moving themselves and their pets, kids, and grandkids to the 12th floor. Bruh Man from the 5th floor has been helping me learn to climb fire escapes, and sometimes we raid empty apartments for supplies.

Ms. Sprinkles snuggles me at night. Her eyes are oddly knowing, and I notice that she’s more suspicious of the other pets in the building than I am of the people. Before coming to bed, she patrols the edges of our room, sniffing the walls and hissing at any yowls she hears in response. One came from right outside our door — she fluffed out, growling, and bigger than I’ve ever seen her. Whatever walks the halls at night backed down. But I don’t think we can stay here long.


I’m not sure what we’ll do when the building as a whole runs out of food. It’ll happen eventually. The band of survivors I’ve befriended thinks that order will be restored by then, and that all we have to do is ration the canned goods we’ve been scavenging, and we’ll be fine. But I don’t know — I feel almost as though there’s more changing than we know, like it’s not just the zombies and other survivors we’ve got to watch out for.

I don’t know if that’s true. But I also don’t have a better plan. We — I — have to decide, though. At night the dead claw at the bricks.

If we don’t leave soon, we’ll be trapped.

Patrick warned us about another threat:


But as Sylvia Sybil reminds us, there’s still joy out there.

ETA: Welcome to Blog Like It’s the Apocalypse 2011! 😀


  1. Maria says

    The windows in the laundry room broke. Only one zombies made it in so far, but I think that’s a sign of the times. We piled the washers in front of the window, blocked the door to the stairwell, are in the process of dragging washers up to make that stairway unusuable, and are gonna block its entrance to the main floor. But I’m done.

    Me and Ms. Sprinkles are gonna watch the front, and as soon as it’s clear, we’re bouncing.

    • Maria says


      Hang in there. There’s no zombie that can keep a good blogger down. I’m probably not going to have WiFi once I leave downtown, but I’ll try to check in by tomorrow morning.

  2. says

    Make sure and grab some NSAIDs, plenty of socks, and comfortable walking shoes. I’m really missing mine– my feet have gotten callused pretty fast, maybe from being burnt on the pavement? But cities have different dangers than the ‘burbs. Socks are more to prevent funk, but you might not have to worry about that in the same way. I know I’ve been smelling kind of ripe lately, but it’s sort of the same general smoke-and-wet-dog odor everything around here smells like.

    The medicine is for any injuries and pains you get– I’m too nervous to do a thorough examination of myself, just because if I’m really hurt I don’t want to think about it if I can’t do anything. I’ve been toughing it out on ibuprofen, but my joints ache every morning. The local clinic has already been raided and the dead have been barred inside, and I’m down to four tablets.

    I managed to break into an abandoned Panera to charge my laptop, and I think the yeast smell might have disguised my trail, if it doesn’t lead anything straight to me. I’ll be able to keep in touch sporadically, but I can’t make any promises.

  3. Maria says


    If you head north, to southern VA, things are a lot calmer here. Follow the rail tracks when you cross the state line and a few miles after you hit VA you’ll see alternating rose and blueberry bushes beginning to grow wild. That marks the trail to the old school. You’ll see that it borders regular old streets but is set way back on a hill inside a fence. If you come this way, cousin, let me know an ETA. I’ll ask one of the guys to watch your approach. It’s only when you’re out in the open that the swarm will come, and if you can move quickly and he can shoot any stragglers, we can let you in.

    We are Arcadia: we offer food and shelter, and are free of contamination.

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