A Thursday Interruption: What the crap.

Not sure I like this video. It seems really misogynistic.

Ha! This made me think of high school.

An absolutely gorgeous cover of Aaliyah’s “Rock the Boat.”

Loving this mashup.


  1. says

    Beauty and the Beat felt… exploitation-y. :/ At times, accurate, but otherwise kinda “BLEGH EW STOP IT PLEASE” icky.

    29/31 seems just straight-up gross, though. And playing into a very specific set of standards for oneself and one’s heteronormative gender expectations that I am not fond of at all. Grrr!!

    • Maria says

      Yeah, I’m torn on the B&B one — mostly because it wouldn’t have been out of whack for Belle to still be walking towards a library/used book shop/book store. It’s really her book turning into an Ebony magazine, and her going to the hair salon that to me makes it off.

      And I gotta say: I really dislike the 29/31 vid. Particularly because of the criticism of the “arrogant” “cunt” 29 yr old. There’s nothing wrong with waiting and having standards!

  2. says


    Yeah, I laughed at the juxtaposition of Belle against her neighbors, but then I was all, “Damn that comes off as rather uber-stereotyped / blacksploitation-y.”

  3. Casey says

    A bunch of my Tumblr friends had been reblogging Beauty and the Beat and I couldn’t help but cringe (especially since the description box described it as being a “ghetto parody” or something similar).

  4. Casey says

    Oh no, aren’t Garfunkel and Oates the same people who did that “Pregnant Women Are Smug” song? I’m not surprised they’re diving into misogyny again.

  5. sbg says


    Yes, same. I wish people would stop thinking it’s okay to be “ist” of any kind in the name of humor, for real. No, it’s not edgy. No, it’s not funny because it’s so true. No, it’s not really a scathing commentary on a fucked up system that tells young women to act older, and older women to look younger.

    Bah, I tell you. BAH.

  6. Xiao Mao says


    Ditto- and I didn’t even watch it. ;/

    Hypocritical misogyny from women in an attempt to be “ironic” or whatever is not fucking cool or acceptable. Never, ever.

  7. sbg says

    Xiao Mao,

    Not even just from women, though somehow we’re to believe the irony because of the gender of the speaker and it’s really … not less damaging.

    Don’t get me started on how comedians thinks that the 1st Amendment makes it okay for them to make rape jokes. Yes, Daniel Tosh, I’m looking at you.

  8. Casey says


    And all the comedians rushing to his defense with shitty analogies like “Why is it okay to play a rapist in a movie but it’s not okay to make a rape joke?” Goddammit, Jim Norton. I shouldn’t really be surprised considering his body of work but that obvious non-logic still pisses me off.

  9. sbg says


    I made the mistake of posting a comment somewhere, responding to someone who said the woman was heckling – implying that made the joke totally okay. All I said was that a comedian should really anticipate such a thing and respond appropriately, and that a joke calling for her to be raped by five men (oddly specific) was not appropriate.

    I almost immediately got massing numbers of “dislikes”. The human race is so disheartening.

  10. says


    Social considerations aside, rape jokes aren’t funny unless you hate women. Jokes about things happening to people have to involve irony or a sense of just desserts. So, if you think women deserve to be raped just for living, then you’ll find a rape joke funny. If you don’t feel that way, then you’ll be puzzled: where was the setup? How did rape become a punch line?

    Here’s an example of a properly structured joke. After Tosh called for that woman to be raped, wouldn’t it be funny if instead a bunch of guys jumped up on stage and castrated him? See, that’s got irony. Even “child molester gets testicular cancer” could be darkly humorous, because who comes closer to deserving that particular cancer than someone who uses sex as a weapon against children?

    Furthermore, the reason even a properly structured rape joke is still not going to be funny to people who don’t hate women is the same reason a joke about someone ironically winding up in a concentration/labor camp isn’t funny. You would have to feel that certain people belong in concentration camps to have a laugh at it.

  11. Casey says


    Well at least nobody replied with “YOU STUPID BITCHES JUST WANT SPECIAL TREATMENT” for having the sheer audacity of not wanting to be threatened with gang-rape for heckling a comedian. :S

  12. sbg says

    Jennifer Kesler,

    What really gets to me is knowing that, statistically speaking, there probably were five rapists in the crowd. I’m painfully aware that my experiences with assault are minor, and fall in the “close call” territory only. But how lovely it would be to not feel uncomfortable being the only woman on the bus for a good long stretch, etc., ad nauseum.

    I don’t want anyone to ever have that icy thread of fear go through them at walking down a street at dusk and being approached by a strange person who felt entitled to encroach on your personal space, the threat of more very, very real, but Jesus, if it would mean more people would understand why this shit is no joke, then …

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