A Thursday Interruption: A series of thingers involving the US military. Also: Marx and The Little Mermaid!

I’m telling you — in ten years there will be academic papers on YouTube, gender, and the US military.


The Other Patrick prompted this post. 😀

Anyways, in other news:

“Now I’m an ordinary human instead of a beautiful princess mermaid!”


  1. Robin says

    That’s a fantastic selection of videos. I particularly enjoyed the Academy kids combining PT with dance and acting to make something silly. All the military personnel dancing around makes me want to rewatch Red Vs Blue. :)

    And “I Read Some Marx” is quite possibly the best parody of “I Kissed A Girl” yet. It certainly sends a more positive message than the original.

  2. CrescentLightning says

    I’ve never posted before but I’ve been checking the site for a while now & I hope I’m doing this right. ( I couldn’t find an e-mail to send this into). But Ashley Eckstein, who voices Ahsoka on Star Wars: The Clone Wars has started a new clothing line. It’s called Her Universe. It’s goal is to create sci-fi merchandise for girls. There’s not much on the site now (it’s all Star Wars right now). But there should hopefully be more soon. The address is http://heruniverse.com if your interested in checking it out.

    • Maria says

      I got the link! Thank you for sharing. Next time, there should be a thing on the right hand side for contacting us. :)

  3. Janbo says

    The military videos brought back some memories (9 yrs. in the Army). Watching the AFA vid made me think, “Man I wish my PT [physical training] had been like that!” At the risk of sounding like a warmonger, that “Bullet With A Name” vid was awesome. Some of us womyn get all squee when things blow up, is all :) And of course, the reminder that humor helps warriors get through tough times — nothing new (“Good Morning Vietnam” anyone?). Music and dance build camaraderie, kinda like a chemical binding agent.

    The “I Read Some Marx” vid was excellent: cleverly written and well-performed, worthy of a Weird Al Nod.

    We may not have to wait ten years for those academic papers, either. Thank you so much for posting these!

    • Maria says

      Haha yeah, my dad (retired Marine) was just profoundly confused by the whole thing, but DID enjoy the “Bullet” video. :) Glad you enjoyed it!

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