Aeon Flux, Sans the Snark.

After finishing the ten-episode stint of Aeon Flux’s animated cartoon, the biggest thing I noted was how the most loved part of Aeon’s personality was drowned out on the Hollywood screen.    

Her snark.   Her arrogant, casual, sassy persona was suddenly soggy once the animation turned to real life cameras.    

The Hollywood production had Aeon shown as a semi martyr.  The woman who lost the last of her family and wanted vengeance”¦ only not so much once she realizes she’s got a thing for Trevor”¦ she thinks.   Sort of.   She guesses.   It’s touch and go there for a bit, but the important thing I observed was that she was always so serious.   So unsure.   The bravado and self-assurance was nowhere in sight.    

I was depressed when I first saw the movie, merely recalling memories of seeing the series awhile back.   With the series fresh in my head, the depression went even deeper.      

To give an idea of what was lost, the opening to each animated episode hits Aeon home perfectly:  

Trevor’s Voice: “What you want, only I can give.”  

Aeon’s Voice: “You can’t give it.  Can’t even buy it.   And you just don’t get it.”
I’d have bought the Hollywood film in a second if I felt that kind of feeling in Aeon.   As it is, I plan to leave it at the video stores and promptly forget it exists after I make this post.


  1. DebXena says

    I’m inclined to agree with you – having owned the animated series, and recently watching the movie on DVD. Thank you for so handily identifying just what it was that left me so cold about the live-action version.

  2. Ifritah says

    And thank you for the comment! It’s always nice to hear when a person gets something out of one of my posts.


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