Agents as people, not gender roles

Criminal Minds is rife with stereotypical roles, as are many shows. There’s Jason Gideon, the reserved ¬†father figure and top profiler, Aaron Hotchner, the straight-laced agent, Elle Greenaway, the token female, Derek Morgan, the token person of color and Dr. Spencer Reid, the misunderstood genius. Joining the team are two other key players – Jennifer Jareau, who acts as liasion and fields the press and Penelope Garcia, the tech geek who works her magic behind the scenes.

In a field I would imagine is still a male-dominated, the women on Criminal Minds hold their own. Elle is smart, strong and determined – her being female isn’t particularly relevant. Jennifer (JJ) is very skilled at what she does, and would be even if she wasn’t blonde, blue-eyed and cute. Garcia kicks ass at what she does, knows it and is not afraid of showing it.

I hardly ever feel as though the shows PTB ¬†try to remind us that these are female characters. They are all undoubtedly feminine, but they are played as…FBI agents who know their stuff. I find it wholly refreshing, and I hope they can keep it up.

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