Another House Gripe

Was watching an episode of House, which I think is fast-becoming our new Stargate as the #1 show to bitch about. In it, Cuddy has put one of House’s doctors in charge for the day, and she’s chosen Foreman.Fair enough that she didn’t consider Chase, something about a suspension, but Cameron’s pretty jacked that she wasn’t considered either. At which point Chase pipes up ‘well, you went on a date with House, and you slept with me’.

Because, you know, mixing business and pleasure is professionally frowned upon… unless you’re a man. Fair enough that Cuddy might have thought Cameron’s behaviour was erratic and unprofessional… but something tells me the same standards wouldn’t be held if Foreman had systematically screwed his way through the nursing staff.


  1. Glaivester says

    A few thoughts:

    (1) This is Chase’s opinion, not necessarily the truth.

    (2) This is not the same thing as someone sleeping their way through the nursing staff.* Cameron had sex with another member of the team. The only other person on the team who had done that was Chase, and he wasn’t up for consideration anyway.

    (3) As I think was pointed out at another point in the episode, a big reason why Cameron’s date with House might make her unfit for this position is that she seems to have a bit of a thing for House. The point of this position was to put someone in charge who would restrain House, and Cuddy wasn’t entirely certain that Cameron would be willing to do that; whereas Foreman was itching to do just that.

  2. scarlett says

    I guess what bothered me was that Chase saw it as a perfectly good reason for Cameron to be overlooked. Maybe it was a case of sour grapes on his part, and I can certainly understand why Cuddy felt Cameron’s sexual/emotional involvement with her team disqualified her from running the team. But what came across to me is Chase’s assumption, oh, you sleep with a man you work with and no-one takes you (as) seriously, ever again.

  3. Glaivester says

    He probably also never misses an opportunity to point out that she was the one who propositioned him.

  4. scarlett says

    What episode was that (where they sleep together?) We just got the ep where the journalists has seizures and can’t remember who he is.

  5. Glaivester says

    [Spoiler alert].
    In one episode, House gets accosted by an HIV-positive man who has a mysterious ailment, apparently unrelated to his HIV, and he wants House to solve it.
    Without going into details over the illness, the man at one point starts coughing up blood and some of it hits Cameron in the face. It turns out that since he contracted HIV, he has decided to throw caution to the wind and he has turned to drugs and unprotected sex (with other HIV-positive men, I believe) as a way of “living life on the edge.”
    He explains his philosophy to Cameron, and I think, offers her some sort of drug.

    It is known to the entire “House group” that Cameroon was splattered with blood, and she is immediately put on antiretrovirals. Chase is concerned about her and comes to visit her to see if she is okay. She comes to the door, stereo blaring, and kisses Chase. He suggests that it is an inapproprate time to be doing this, with all of the stress she must be under, and she replies “when did you stop being a bad-boy?” or somesuch, and proceeds to kiss him again. He decides to reciprocate.

    Later on, House deduces (out loud) in front of Foreman that Cameron got high and did Chase the previous night. Foreman starts to crack up with laughter.

  6. scarlett says

    To me, this seems more irresponsible on Chase’s part then Cameron’s. I mean, Cameron must have been feeling pretty scared and reckless, but what the hell was Chase’s excuse? I would have thought that the fact she could very well have had HIV was a damn good reason NOT to have sex with her. Plus the fact that she was feeling pretty scared and reckless – to me, that says he took advantage of that, or was too self-absorbed to care.

  7. Glaivester says

    I didn’t think he pointed it out to show Cameron how irresponsible she was, I mean that he likely likes to remind her that she propositioned him because it boosts his ego. So perhaps he likes to find ways to work it into a conversation.

  8. scarlett says

    I would turn around and make a comment about the person who was willing to sleep with someone who may have just been infected with HIV. That ought to shut him up.

  9. Jennifer Kesler says

    I just saw the ep where Cameron sleeps with Chase. When House deduces what happened, the way he puts it is something about “sleeping with a drugged-out colleague” and is more accusatory toward Chase than Cameron. Appropriately, IMO.

    I also saw the specific ep you’re talking about here. Chase’s ultimate point was that maybe Cuddy didn’t want Cameron in a position of having to say no to House, because there’s little indication Cameron CAN say no to anyone, let alone him. That much I have to agree with, regardless of her crush (which I’m not even sure she still has, though this is TV-land, so most likely all the babes want the star).

    I still have mixed feelings about how Cameron is presented. I don’t really think the writers are out to say something nasty about women – especially given Cuddy’s very human blend of competency, toughness, sensitivity, and flaws – but Cameron’s all over the place. I’m not sure who she is yet. And I wonder if the writers know, either.

  10. scarlett says

    I watch the show pretty intermitantly, I’ve seen about three eps all the way through, so I could only comment on what I’d seen of the show so far, and that’s how it came across to me. I think I’ll stick to reviewing/complaining about the stuff I know the history of…

  11. Jennifer Kesler says

    Actually, most viewers don’t watch shows as carefully as we do. I consider it important to see what a casual viewer gets from a show, in terms of meta-messages and subtext. I wasn’t correcting you… just sharing info.

  12. scarlett says

    I figured that was the worst of the twpo. I mean, it would be reasonable to suggest Cameron was somewhat stressed and not thinking straight, but what was Chase’s excuse? And then to remind her of a lapse in judgement during such a stressful period is just being a jerk.

  13. Jennifer Kesler says

    Why limit him? He’s both! 😀

    At least the show gives us the room to draw our own conclusions about the characters – which goes a long way toward undermining a viewer’s ability to infer any meta-messages at all.

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