AT&T LG Shine commercial

I get the distinct impression I’m supposed to know who the people in this commercial are. I don’t, but I’m not sure it matters that much. Here’s a link to the original LG Shine commercial, in which we see a young woman at a cafe. She’s applying lipstick, using the reflective surface of her cell phone as a mirror. She’s talking to a young man. Her voice fades into the song “Heaven” by Warrant as the man catches sight of two other women approaching, then walking past the table. The man picks up his phone and uses the reflective surface on it to check out the passing women from the rear. Until he gets a text “OMG, UR a pig!”

I suppose I should be grateful he’s not being rewarded, ala the Klondike commercial that I talked about here, huh?

I think what disturbs me even more than the commercial are the comments on YouTube, which pretty much indicate these people who are apparently celebrities (?) act like this all the time. It’s cute and amusing and funny and OMG, I’m going to go buy this phone now. I want to know when rudely tuning someone out so you can fulfill your own voyeuristic tendencies became so mainstream it’s actually seen as cute and funny.

Side note: a later version of the commercial swaps out “Heaven” with “Oh Yeah” by Yello, which will always conjure up Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to me.


  1. says

    The people in that commercial are Lauren and Brody from MTV’s The Hills. They’re not really celebrities as much as they’re spoiled brats who ended up on a tv “reality” show for being spoiled brats.

    The commercial makes me sick. I think LG has a serious-business misogynist on the advertising staff because all of their commercials this year have been steeped in gender stereotypes and ickiness.

  2. sbg says

    Ah, that would explain why I thought I was supposed to know them but didn’t. The only time I’ve ever heard of The Hills is snippets caught while watching The Soup or something.

    Ugh. If I were in the market for a cell phone, this one wouldn’t be on my list of possible purchases, that much I’ll say.

  3. j,h says

    that girl who sends the text is really hot though. if i was having lunch with her, i would not look at anyone else.

  4. says

    High five, Oldguy – those were the formative years of my childhood. I wanted to be a music video director when I grew up, and then suddenly, what was left of video was just crap thrown together on computers. *sigh*

  5. Spurgespam says

    Thanks Oldguy and Betacandy, I was starting to think I was the only one who(m) had puberty before the 90’s. I too had no idea who these peple were, but had a feeling I should. I am glad to know that it does not really matter after all.

  6. Steven W says

    The first day the commercial came out, she texted OMG Underage!!! This was quickly pulled and replaced with OMG UR A PIG!!! I guess LG didn’t want to let people that perv out on 17 year old girls use their product LOL!!!

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