Jade. Mara Jade.

Comments contain ***SPOILERS*** How do I love Mara Jade from Timothy Zahn’s Star Wars novels. Let me count the ways. (Oh, and this is going to be a *spoiler free* post for recent Star Wars novels, if you know what I mean. I’d prefer to keep it that way. And if you don’t know what […]

Oh, Stephanie Plum

Janet Evanovich’s mystery novels featuring semi-hapless bounty hunter Stephanie Plum are sort of like my junk food. I know they’re fluffy and silly, but whenever a new one comes out, I have to read it, if only from the library. Stephanie is the kind of character that some will point to as a strong female […]

The Privilege of the Sword

Ellen Kushner’s The Privilege of the Sword is unique for its explorations of gender and sexuality in a fantasy setting. Its nominations (Nebula Award nominee, Locus Award Finalist, Tiptree Honor Book) certainly go a long way to recommend it. If you’re not into fantasy, this book might still be a good read. It’s definitely a […]

I Would Love to be a Fly on the Wall at This Panel

I ran across this snippet at author John Scalzi’s blog Whatever this morning. It’s from the schedule at Penguicon, which is this weekend in Troy, MI. 6-7PM Promenade East Limited Female Roles In Fantasy, Comics, and SF TheFerrett, Elizabeth Bear, John Scalzi, Sarah Monette, M. Keaton Why is it that a female character will either […]

Alanna: My First Feminist Fantasy Hero

Since this is my first post, I’m going to write about my first memorable and shaping encounter with a female character in a fantasy novel. When I found Alanna: The First Adventure in my school library, I was eleven. Alanna, the main character in Tamora Pierce’s Song of the Lioness quartet, is ten. She wants […]