It’s All a Communist Plot You Know

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy reminds me of Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. He always lands on his feet and you are left wondering – “does he plan it out or just make it up as he goes along?” His trial for paying for sex with a minor started […]

Yemen Protests

Tawakul Carmen started the protests in Yemen. That’s significant because Tawakul Carmen is a woman, and Yemen is a very conservative Muslim society. Women were strongly involved in the protests in Egypt (and were abused for their trouble), but Egypt is a different society than Yemen, more educated, with a bigger middle class, and women […]

This Is What Class War Looks Like

Class War

This has been making the rounds of the nets lately. It may not seem like a womanist issue per se, but if you think about the fact that many of the programs targeted for cuts specifically benefit women and children, the point becomes clear. While such cuts are likely motivated as much by class hatred […]

Midweek-Media: UnSelf-Aware

This MSNBC newsclip was sent to us by reader Lindsey. Note: I have deduced the names of the speakers as best I could from the dialogue. If you know the show and I got them wrong, I apologize. I had numbers at first. 😉 Mika (serious look, while Joe is looking down and smiling): Past […]

The Republicans Have It In For Women…

Have you noticed? We talked a little about South Dakota’s now-stalled bill to add someone trying to induce an abortion to the list of “justifiable homicides” last week in the comments on LoGI. The language of the bill was: “Homicide is justifiable if committed by any person in the lawful defense of such person, or […]

The Marq’ssan Cycle

On several levels this is one of the most original science-fiction series I’ve met in a long time and L. Timmel Duchamp’s The Marq’ssan Cycle rather defies summary or even description.  By sheer length, story scope, and because of Duchamp’s obvious feminist ties, the thought of reviewing the series intimidates me, but I’ll take a […]

Don’t Question Those In Authority

I attended my sister’s graduation from South Carolina School of Leadership a few months ago, and took away some real zingers of examples of what the religious world I grew up in is still like.  The pastor of the church that hosts SCSL, Stephen Chitty, took the opportunity of speaking as the “pastoral address” at […]