Quick link share: An interview with Jennifer Kesler

I just wanted to let all my fellow Hathor readers know that this past Friday I posted an interview I did with our intrepid founder, Jennifer, over at my blog (sorry for the self-promotion, but it certainly seems appropriate in this case!). We discuss why she started Hathor, her relationship to feminism, and what she’s […]

Fling: Chocolate for women?

Mars has just launched a new product–the company’s first new candy bar in fifty years–and, perusing their marketing material, I’m startled by how closely it resembles the Baked Lays/Good Earth/SmartFood “only in a woman’s world” debacle we discussed a few weeks ago. The new treat, Fling, is being billed as “chocolate for women,” because it’s […]

Only in a woman’s world

When the premiere for Baked Lays, Smart Earth and Smartfood Snacks’ new ad-series “Only in a Woman’s World” aired last night, my mouth literally dropped open…and stayed open for the majority of the two and a half minute commercial. You can check out the ad here or embedded below: From the first few lines–“Bikini. Bikini. […]

Criminal Minds, “Pleasure Is My Business”

Beware of spoilers beyond this point! This past week’s episode of Criminal Minds had me a bit flummoxed and so I thought I’d check in with Hathor readers and see what you all think, whether you watch the show or not. I should say upfront that CM is one of my favorite shows on television, […]

A Year in Review (part 2): 2008 Reviews

As promised, here’s the second half of yesterday’s Year in Review post. Check out all the film, television and book reviews written by The Hathor Legacy contributors in 2008. Enjoy! Film Reviews (alphabetical by title) A League of Their Own Anita and Me City of Ember Dark Knight disFIGURED The Duchess Hairspray Heartbreakers Hellboy II: […]

A Year in Review: The Best of 2008

We’re starting a new feature here at The Hathor Legacy. In addition to our regularly-scheduled link roundups of exciting articles around the blogosphere, from now on each month we’ll post an assortment of links to THL articles, featuring a few of the best/most interesting/most discussion-generating posts by THL contributors–a sort of ‘selected works’ for any […]