The Snow Queen’s Shadow — Jim Hines

“Do we LOOK like we need to be rescued?” Finally! And wah, it’s the final book in the Princess series. Just as it felt like Hines’ Princess series was in full swing, it ended. The Snow Queen’s Shadow been out for four weeks, and if you haven’t bought it for a summer read in the shade […]

Go the Fuck to Sleep: What if a mother wrote it?

You’ve heard of that “Go the Fuck to Sleep” book that’s coming out, right? And that Samuel Jackson has a free reading of it available now? I downloaded the Samuel Jackson reading, and yes, he is perfect for it. If you’ve ever been a sleep deprived zombie, like I am right now–holing up in […]

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland –Catherynne Valente

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne Valente is like a finely made pastry with layers of cream, strawberries and honey, mixed in with dashes of spicy cinnamon and a hint of savory salt. Oh yes. [What the heck is going on outside?] Readers in other book threads […]

Not Your Typical Princesses

You want some rockin summer reading? Nothing heavy, but lots of fun, with maybe some thinky stuff thrown in if you feel like thinking while you scoop sand up with your toes and let the waves lull you to sleep? (or you could go to your local big mouse store & roll your eyes at the […]

The Waters Rising-Sheri S. Tepper

An impression of The Waters Rising: A Novel I respect Tepper as one of the grand dames of science fiction for writing about women in different worlds, for writing Women’s Country, Grass, Beauty and so many other books that captured my imagination, drew me in, and wouldn’t let me out without thinking about her points. […]

Rango-open thread

Impressions of Rango (nonspoilery) I just saw Rango on Saturday with my two kids. It’s a long film, almost a full two hours. It stars Johnny Depp’s voice as Rango, the titular chameleon of the film, and several other well known talents, including Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Alfred Molina, Ned Beatty, and others. Check out […]

Mysterium by Robert Charles Wilson

Taking its cue from a classic SF/F/H trope of isolating a group of people to see how they deal (or not) with extraordinary circumstances, Mysterium (originally published in 1994, when it won the Phillip K. Dick Award) dresses up an old situation under a coating of metaphysics and gnosticism. What it gets right down to is a […]